DECA University – Entrepreneurship Majors

David Gass ran WRLC 2011′s Entrepreneurship workshop.

Before I dive into the workshop, I must provide a brief biography of the workshop’s teacher, David Gass.

-He used to be a DECA officer on the State and National level. 
-He started his first business at 15 years old selling fruit on the side of the road.  
-He’s owns 8 businesses, whether he owns and operates them or owns a portion through investment.
-One of his businesses involves buying and selling websites.

The program for his session was really interactive but he did have one rule, raise your hand before you speak. 
A major bonus was that there were scholarship opportunities for winners.

Key info from the workshop:

-The tool to conquer fear = confidence. 
-The fuel for confidence = ACTION.

-There is net worth and there is self worth.
-Net worth = Salary
-Self worth = True value and potential. It’s up to you and it can always change.
-Your net worth will stop growing based upon your self worth. David Gass inspired his students to GetDECA and set their self worth high!

-Trust is key, David Gass once hired someone to so accounting who didn’t know much on accounting due to the fact that he trusted him. He had previously been stolen from by other accountants.

-If you find there’s a market missing for something with potential demand, think about creating the market. sold black socks and nothing else for 3 years and had about $3.5 million in sales. Recognize demand, succeed. 

-If you want to think and speak with more power?
“Lose the words “think” “maybe” and “try” ” – David Gass 

-If you want to understand the power of words, visit

Jonathan Block and the Bow-tie

Some of you have heard him speak, and some of you have seen him do a headstand, but one common topic that involves Jonathan Block is the fabric around his neck.

He chooses to forgoe a neck tie and is always seen in a bow-tie. A lot of you have commented on it, but how many of you have asked where it starts from?

Today, an anwer was revealed. He told me an answer I didn’t expect. It started from convenience. Bow-ties are easier to pack in a suitcase. Toss them in the suitcase, and you’re good. Ties must be rolled to prevent wrinkles.

Convenience is your answer.

Back tour – The in’s and out’s of the T&C Resort


While you were wrapping up your last panel event, half of your social media team was given a back tour about the in’s and out’s of the Town and Country Resort. Patti Bareno, the resort’s Senior Conference Services Manager, dove into the details of what goes behind signing up the conference and business from the hotel’s end.


The most important thing I learned on the tour was that even though the resort could have accommodated more guests this weekend, Town and Country Resort finds a balance of catching revenue while balancing a win win situation for the resort and it’s clients.

DISCLAIMER: This blog is an edited version of the notes that I took on my iPad while walking and listening to Patti. The order is random, but the information is interesting.

Look out for the secret fact toward the end. A/C issues…


Conferences start in the sales department. Conferences are typically booked years in advanced. A reason for this is that both ends of the deal have to negotiate terms. Some of these things are amenities and accommodations.


After the sales department does their bit, Patti Bareno( then takes over to ask the details about the people coming.

Some things she needs to know are:

Who should she pay attention to? Who’s in charge? Who’s important? Ex. Speakers, Directors, VIPs, etc.


Here is a list of details I learned that were interesting but I didn’t have much to say about:

  • A master account is arranged and pays for breakfast, security, etc.
  • A schedule of events is a day by day program and how it’s set up.
  • The ballroom is set up days in advanced due to audio/visual technologies.
  • WRLC received upgraded audio due to an event that used the equipment on Wednesday and it was cheaper for the hotel to upgrade WRLC rather than paying a crew to tear the equipment down and set up again.
  • The crew sets up chairs in a manner that allows the crew to split the ballroom by simply moving the floating walls.
  • All the linens for the hotel are stored in one HUGE linen closet. No joke, it’s huge.

Key facts about the kitchens at the hotel:

  • The banquet kitchen is used to accommodate the ballroom whether the amount of people ranges from 40 to 4000.
  • There are about four sub kitchens.
  • Recently, the banquet kitchen served a conference that required breakfast, lunch, and dinner for around 4000 people recently.
  • The hotel has a bakery for cakes, desert, pastries and etc.
  • There is a special kitchen for cold food production.
  • In the cold kitchen, chefs set up baskets that re meant to be delivered to VIP’s.
  • We were able to see the kitchen for the hotel’s upscale Trellises cafe. It was grand.
  • All 5 restaurants have their own kitchen.

On the tour, I was able to see the front desk, which I wouldn’t have seen because DECA members did not individually check in. I wish I would’ve checked in here as an individual because the hotel drives their gusts along with all luggage to their room in their motorized carts.


The hotel is completely family owned and is now on it’s third generation. This means the first owner was the current owner’s grandfather. As opposed to corporate or franchised hotels, Town and Country Resort can take extra special care of it’s conference guests. For example, they can comp many VIPs with free parking passes and other accomodations.


LOOK OUT! There are Info boards located throughout the Resort that have a map, your location, and a program of events posted daily.
COOL FACT: DECA was the main guest among the guests.

On the map, the brown buildings are guest rooms and the yellow buildings are conference spaces.

The resort has around 1000 conference spaces. To put that into perspective, we only took half the rooms.



Everything with bookings for conferences are fair and negotiable.

An example is the resort allows guests 15% down slippage with rooms.
That means, if a guest books for 100 rooms and only needs 85 on the day, the resort pardons the shortage and only charges 85 rooms. However, if the gust booked 100 and only fills 70 rooms, they still pay for 85.


A look in personal hospitality:

Patti keeps track of favors others do for her.

DECA agreed to set up a day late so the resort could book an event that generated high revenue for the resort.

She’s happy to accommodate those who accommodate her.


More quick facts about the hotel:

  • Town and Country Resort was the first convention center/hotel In California.
  • Employees eat in their own dining room for $1!
  • From the hearing impaired, the visually impaired, to the physically handicapped; the resort accommodates anyone needing a little bit more
  • The resort has the ability to receive freight from it’s 2 loading docks.
  • GES decorated our exhibit.
  • The next convention is for the Dairy Farmers of America.
  • The marine core ball had a dance floor, those men love to dance.

We got a sneak peak into the men and women of the resort fix major problems. John, the Chief Engineer, let us see his workspace and told us about his work.

“Anything breaks, we can fix it.” -John

The ac unit in the ballroom was broken today . The ac tech ordered the replacement part and fixed it between 12:15 and 2:30 while we went to lunch.

Learn to Tie a Bow Tie

Learn how to a tie a bow tie from the man who can head stand. He’s a rockstar on communication, Jonathan Block.

Here’s the video:

Vince Velez WRLC 2011 Video Journal

     Before I get some much needed rest (currently 2:43 am), I’d like to share my youtube channel with all you wonderful DECA members. I’ve been posting videos to my channel that have to do with WRLC and they range from getting ready, to actual events, and to interviews. There’s even footage of my chapter’s 7 1/2 hour bus ride here. Although after learning what happened to Social Media Intern Ross Snyder’s bus, I can’t really complain. (Check out the story Get Stranded, then GetDECA)


Here’s the link to my youtube channel and I try to publish the videos right after I film them!



Vince Velez reminding you to GetDECA!

So many that are ready to GetDECA!(Get Psyched/Get Entertained)

     I’m currently sitting in the middle of the ballroom where there are tons of DECA members hustlin’ and bustlin’ to win challenge after challenge. Everyone is running to the next post like there’s nothing else in this world and that their lives depends on solving the next puzzle. At this moment, I can think of one man out of the many speakers that could’ve inspired such drive. bill Cordes.

     Bill Cordes seemed to move all 1200 DECA members with his opening speech. He highlighted the value of being involved and giving anything you do everything you have. He truly drove home the point that what you get is what you give. What you do in these next few years significantly affects the rest of your life.

I learned a few things from Mr. Cordes:

  • Don’t be bored, only boring people are bored.
  • If you can’t have fun in Hawaii, you have no chance in Kansas.
  • Parents say dumb things.
  • When you make a mistake,it’s time to say “NEXT!”

I then decided to have with the man of the night himself.
Bill, what did you struggle with in High School?

“Grades, I made the honor roll once in High School.”

How was everything besides grades?

“I did real well socially and I was an athlete…. I played football, basketball, and I ran track.”

What do you think of everything so far?

“It’s rockin’ ”


With that, I’d say WRLC so far is a success and I hope that It’ll only get better. As always, this is Vince Velez reminding you to GetDECA.

Look Professional, Look Sharp

Wanna look smart? Wanna look like a pro? Wanna laugh at a kid from AZ(me)? Check this video out. Then like it, tweet it, or share it.

Look Like a Pro(youtube)

Look Like a Pro(facebook)

It might help if you’ve seen any EpicMealTime videos before.


Vince reminding you to live for today and work for tomorrow.

Fill in the Blank

Did we pick the brains of our peers?

We did.

Did we ask them about WRLC?

We did.

Did we use social media to do so?

You bet we did!


   On Saturday, November 5th, we the Interns asked everyone we knew on our networks about topics concerning DECA or WRLC. We posted fill-in-the-blank questions on our Social Media sites for our peers to answer. Our mentor Jonathan Block assisted us by sharing an article regarding ways to spark engagement on a Facebook page, fill-in-the-blank questions were one of the ways. (Here’s the link


  Brittany Lucero (a talented intern from AZ DECA) posted: “Let’s see what amazing things DECA has done for it’s members. Fill in the blank. DECA has given me __________.”

   I replied with a simple one word answer that sums up what DECA has given me. DECA has given me everything. What has DECA given you?


   I on the other hand received answers that ranged from the topics of school pride, professional development, fun in the sun, and just downright silly responses.


   The question was: “I have a question for you. If I was at the San Diego DECA conference, I would ________”

  • School Pride:

“Represent my school with pride. Swag.” -Zac Dejovine

“rep goldwater! &hangout on the beach!(:” -Paige Centa

“show everyone how legit the BGHS DECA chapter is!” -Aaron Brussels

  • Professional Development:

“improve my interview skills with practice competition and improve knowledge of marketing and entrepreneurship by being an intern.” -Rafael Barraza

  • Fun in the Sun:

“Go to the beach duhh :) ” -Kylee Roberts

  • Silly Responses:

“pwn everyone” -Emuhly Geremia

“Not know what is going on (idk anything about DECA)”-Emanuel Boderas


  This message is to YOU, the future innovator; what are you going to do in San Diego for WRLC?


This is Vince Velez reminding you to live for today and work for tomorrow.

Meet the 2011 Social Media Team

Dear DECA innovators,

The following information is about your 2011 WRLC Social Media Team. We are all on board into publicizing this year’s conference and contributing our work into making this one unforgettable. Check out each person’s short bio and make sure to follow them on twitter and friend them on Facebook.

Let’s start with our Social Media Coach who will be our (intern’s) mentor in this chapter of our lives, Jonathan Block.

Jonathan Block


I help organizations communicate with strategy & clarity. I’m a consultant w/Accenture. Former Ass’t Press Sec to First Lady & political appointee at Dep’t of Justice

Victoria Cana


Want to know Victoria’s secret? Twitter, Facebook, Yammer, LinkedIn. You name it, Victoria’s got it. Victoria Cana is Nevada DECA’s social media savvy VP of Publicity and an aspiring news anchor or PR Manager. She’s passionate about public relations, journalism, and all things DECA.

Dallas Davis


Hey Western Region DECA, My name is Dallas Davis. I’m the New Mexico DECA Vice President of Membership and I look forward to the opportunities that await us at WRLC 2011. See y’all in Sunny San Diego.

Tyler Dyer


My name is Tyler Dyer I’m a member of WA DECA and the current VP of my DECA chapter. I am really excited to network with everyone at the conference and post about WRLC!

Kyunga Kim


Hey! My name is Kyungna Kim. I’m currently VP of my DECA chapter, and I’m looking forward to working with you all at WRLC DECA 2011!

Brittany Lucero


I have been a DECA member for 4 years now and am currently “Aspiring Higher” by communicating with and leading others as an Arizona DECA State Representative.

Saurabh Mahajan


Saurabh Mahajan is a State President, Youth Governor, and small business owner among other things — but most importantly, he’s a friend.

Kavya Methukupally


Hey Everyone! I’m Kavya Methukupally and I’m currently the Vice President at Foothill DECA. DECA has been an amazing experience for me. I can’t wait to meet all of you at WRLC!

Ross Snyder


Hey Everyone! My name is Ross Snyder and I am the Public Relations officer for the Pinnacle DECA Chapter in sunny Phoenix, AZ.

Ling Zeng


Hey! My name is Ling. I’m currently a member of Rancho Bernardo DECA and part of the Social Media Intern Team at WRLC DECA 2011. I’m so excited to get to interact with everyone and expand my network!

Vincent Velez (me)


I’m from Arizona DECA, Barry Goldwater High School. I want to be an innovative entrepreneur. I enjoy staying fit: Competitive swimming, cross training, lifting.


Vince Velez reminding you to live for today and work for tomorrow.

WRLC Program

Good morning/afternoon/evening fellow DECA innovators,

Check out the official WRLC 2011 Program at

The program touches on anything and everything you all need to know about the conference. It breaks down the dress code, the workshops, the featured events, hotel information, and much more. Also, I love that it introduces the speakers.

The four main speakers are National DECA president Claire Coker, Opening Sessions Speaker Bill Cordes, Mega Message Speaker Kelly Barnes, and Closing Session Speaker Phil Boyte.

Claire Coker is a talented leader who’s mission is to “ignite the DECA spark in members by keeping energized at all times – in and out of the DECA blazer.” Her mission is very inspiring because energy and enthusiasm fuel success in all our lives. You can follow her on twitter @clairecoker.

Bill Cordes is the author of The YOGOWYPI Factor and his programs have been featured in 47 states, to well over 2 million participants. His commitment goes further than just his career, it also carries over to his faith, his marriage, and his parenting. Follow him on twitter @billcordes

It doesn’t matter who Kelly Barnes is working with, whether it’s the United States President, or a High School Student, Kelly Barnes aspires to inspire society so everyone can discover their true potential. You can keep up with him on twitter @kellybarnes

Last but certainly not least, Phil Boyte and his passion for living and impacting others continues to stir people in a way that helps them find meaning in their lives. Follow our closing speaker on twitter @philboyte

I’m personally so excited for WRLC this year that I think about it probably once every ten seconds. I’m hoping everyone out there, from Guam to Washington, to California to Nevada, is ready to have a blast and aspire higher this year. I’m waiting to see all of your smiling faces.

Vince Velez reminding you to live for today and work for tomorrow.