Get FEEDBACK: How to do an AWESOME roleplay

After competition today, which hopefully many of you participated in, our judges offered an exclusive inside look into what exactly is going on in their minds during roleplays and presentations.

You want to snag that awesome roleplay and WOW your judge? You want to make your impression STICK in their mind? (word of caution: don’t chew gum. Judges hate that) You want to get that trophy or medal or ribbon? Well, it all starts with CONFIDENCE. You gotta walk in there, look your judge in the eye, introduce yourself and your role, give a firm handshake, and be ENTHUSIASTIC. If you aren’t excited about your roleplay, how do you expect the judge to be?

First impressions are key components of your roleplay and can really make or break your place in the judge’s mind (or paper). “You have about 3 seconds to make an impression.” So that’s it. You have 3 seconds to dig your own little niche in your judges mind and make sure that they remember you. Remember: you only have to see the judge once, but they have to see pretty much the same presentation way too many times.

Another thing: Get ORGANIZED. Walk in there knowing the structure of your presentation. And if you get nervous, just remember- the judges don’t know how your roleplay was suppose to go, so if you mess up or skip over something, don’t sweat it- just continue on.

“Think outside the box” If you really want to WOW your judge like no other, come up with a solution, an idea, a concept, that your judges have never thought of before. These guys are business professionals; chances are, they have already thought of a multitude of solutions to the problems at hand that you only addressed a handful of. So if you think of something totally out of their thought process, that will no doubt make a lasting impression in their mind.

So put it all together: confidence, organization, creativity = an awesome unforgetablle roleplay.

“The greatest marketing job you can ever do is marketing YOU.”

Cheers, and good luck to you all!



The aspiring leaders of Western Region DECA reconvened for a much more casual and relaxed get-together after the Get PSYCHED opening session. Kelly Barnes got us all energized and pumped, which included a sing-off and dancing to his version of YMCA, which, all I can say is, quite the icebreaker :)

We rounded the night off with a game of Leadership Circus, which included a bunch of running (and occasional bump-ins) and completing a series of random tasks. Props to those guys who went around saying “I’m a beautiful lady” – that shows dedication and a willingness to just have fun!

That’s all for tonight – I’ll see you all tomorrow!


California State Meeting!

California DECA’s amazing state officers and advisors got us all hyped for WRLC! We even played ninja, can you get more awesome than that?

Jose Romero (VP of Chapter Development), Sri Muppidi (VP of Civic Consciousness), Cassie Hwang, Siyang Qiu (VP of Public Relations), Geena Dai (VP of Southern California), Ling Zeng, Dyan Khor, Kyungna Kim

California DECA plays ninja!

How to Get DECA and Get SAN DIEGO!

How to Get DECA and Get SAN DIEGO!

Hey Western Region DECA! WRLC in San Diego is just around the corner, and what better way to get ready than getting tips from 2 San Diegans themselves! Check out this video brought to you by Kyungna and me, laugh, and get into the spirit! Don’t forget to share it on facebook, twitter, and LIKE it.

That’s all for now: I’ll see you in sunny San Diego in less than 1 day! Get EXCITED!



Hey everyone! WRLC is in less than a week and I’m sure we’re all totally pumped for it! I know I am, so Get READY! for the an amazing 4 days full of interaction, experience, and FUN.


  • Get ENERGIZED!: Featured speakers Bill Cordes, Kelly Barnes, Phil Boyte, and national DECA president Claire Coker will be delivering invigorating speeches to get you pumped and ready to be the aspiring leaders you are
  • Get TRAINED! at our Leadership Sessions and DECA University for an awesome opportunity to further develop your leadership skills with advice from business experts
  • Get INSIGHT! at our DECA Industry Panel and get the chance to hear from a variety of industries about their successes and how they achieved it
  • Get PREPARED! at our Competition Workshops to become pros at competition
  • Get EXPLORING! and enjoy a tour of beautiful San Diego

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I’ll see you in sunny SD in less than a week. Get EXCITED and Get DECA!

Countdown to WRLC: 5 days!