Interview With “This Is A Clue”

Here is the final interview from 2011 WRLC Social Media Intern Team. It is with the guys from “This Is A Clue.” On behalf of the entire team, thank you for all the support throughout our internship!

“This Is A Clue” Interview –

A Final Thank You

The Social Media Team would like to give a final thank you to our mentor, Jonathan F. Block, for supporting us throughout this venture and the TRI Leadership Team for putting on a great conference. Also, a shout-out to California DECA for hosting. Thank you everyone for your support! The Social Media Team hopes to see you again soon!

Thank You.

Ross Snyder


Thank You Video Link -

State Officer Interviews @ Leads Training

Victoria Caña and Brittany Lucero interviewing state officers at their “Leads” conference training!

Video Link –

Backstage Peek!

Social Media Interns, Victoria Caña and Brittany Lucero, give you a behind the scenes look of the WRLC 2011 staging during the preparations for the closing session! Get DECA!

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Get Stranded, Then Get DECA!!

Wednesday night at about 4 P.M. two DECA chapters from Arizona, Pinnacle (My Chapter) and Desert Mountain, headed out on our bus for San Diego. After reaching the half way point the driver noticed that the bus was performing strange. After a pit stop the driver decided that the bus could make it so we chugged on. By this time it was about 8 P.M. If you have ever driven the route from Phoenix to San Diego you know that about 90 miles outside of San Diego the road begins to go over mountains. Well the bus reached the bottom of the first hill and began to climb. Shorly after starting the climb the engine sputtered out and died. From there it was a series of unfortunate events. Our group remained in that position, 90 miles outside of San Diego, for about one and a half hours. Upon the arrival of a mechanic the bus was able to continue on at about 15 mph. About one mile later the bus stopped again. The mechanic quickly made some adjustments and we continued on at a very slow pace. This cycle continued for about 30 miles until a replacement bus arrived. At this point it was about 12:30 A.M. After moving the luggage in the freezing cold wind we were back on the road and arrived at our hotel shortly after. “It was quite an experience,” said Pinnacle DECA chapter member Zack Usie. Overall everyone was just happy to reach San Diego and are now very ready to Get DECA!!

Get Ready, Get Excited, Get DECA!

As the 2011 Western Region Leadership Conference quickly approaches, it is important to realize that first impressions mean a lot! It takes maybe three seconds for a person meeting you for the first time to make a decision about you. First impressions are based on the way you present yourself. A firm handshake, the way you introduce yourself to and greet the person, and your physical appearance can all effect the way a person will think of you. With that being said, dressing properly for the occasion is rather important. Check out a video by clicking on the link below to learn some basic information in reference to attire at this year’s conference. If you enjoy this video, please share it on your Facebook walls and Tweet it to all your friends by clicking the buttons above!

How To Not Dress Like A Slob

For A Better Quality Version – YouTube:

As Always Remember to “Get DECA!”