The Magical Pin

Yeah, that’s right. This blog is about my magic pin. Last night, yours truly and the rest of the WRLC Social Media Interns finally met and developed our plan of action for this conference…as well as announcing the winners of our Wild Card Challenge. If you’re friends with any of us on Facebook or follow any of us on Twitter(which you totally should by the way..refer to for our info) you probably noticed our unusually high level of activity this past week. This was due to the challenges given to us by our rockstar of a mentor, Jonathan Block. The winners of this challenge Victoria Cana and Vincent Velez who did an incredible job promoting this conference won the opportunity to be the voice of Western Region DECA for the duration of this conference and thus will be controlling their Facebook and Twitter pages. But…they weren’t the only ones to win something awesome….Jonathan threw in an extra prize, a runner up that received something very special, magical in fact(you see where this is going?) an all star pin that apparently had magical powers. By simply flashing this pin to others, one can get anything their heart desired. Key cards, extra chairs and even wifi hot spots! I know, pretty awesome stuff.

The title of runner up was given to me, and with it the magical pin. I won because of my blog video, apparently some people actually found it funny(yay!) While we’re on the subject, I’d like to give a special shout out to all of the people who shared and liked my video. I really appreciate the love, so thank you.

–Warning: This is about to get super cheesy–

Yes, having the pin has been awesome, but in reality, all of you can have your very own metaphorical magic pins. It’s a little thing called confidence. In DECA, confidence is key. Whether you’re speaking to important people, giving a speech or doing a DECA role play, confidence is one thing that will always give you a head up on the game. Aside from DECA, this is also extremely true in life. Being confident(do not confuse with cocky) in any situation makes you seem reliable and more importantly influential. It’s the influential people in the world that have the power. So, if you haven’t already connected those dots, confidence=power. I hope you all learn a ton during this conference, harness your inner magic and GET CONFIDENT.

Get Ready to GET DECA!

For those of you out there getting ready for San Diego…heres a little help. Id really appreciate if afterwards, you’d share the video by clicking on the little Twitter and Facebook symbols. Please and thank you! (:

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The ones who make it possible!

As students attending these incredible conferences, sometimes we get lost in the excitement and forget about the people who make it possible– our sponsors! This year, Western Region DECA is extremely lucky to have 5 amazing companies supporting us, so lets show our appreciation and throw that support right back their way!

My challenge to you DECA members is to show your thanks through Social Media. Go and “like” these companies Facebook pages, follow them on Twitter and post or tweet to them your gratitude for being a vital part of our DECA family!

Our sponsors:


TJ Maxx-


Mens Wearhouse-

POS Systems Group- They don’t have Facebook or Twitter pages yet but they will have an exhibit booth at WRLC so make sure you check them out there.

Among these 5, there will be many other companies with exhibits up at the conference. Make sure to drop by their booths and show them what DECA is all about!

Thanks guys! Be sure to add all of us interns on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and connect with us on LinkedIn. We’ll be posting a lot of exciting stuff leading up to and during the conference that you won’t want to miss. All of our info is in the posts below. See you soon!