Jonathan Block and the Bow-tie

Some of you have heard him speak, and some of you have seen him do a headstand, but one common topic that involves Jonathan Block is the fabric around his neck.

He chooses to forgoe a neck tie and is always seen in a bow-tie. A lot of you have commented on it, but how many of you have asked where it starts from?

Today, an anwer was revealed. He told me an answer I didn’t expect. It started from convenience. Bow-ties are easier to pack in a suitcase. Toss them in the suitcase, and you’re good. Ties must be rolled to prevent wrinkles.

Convenience is your answer.

Meet the Author: Vincent Velez

I’m from Arizona DECA, Barry Goldwater High School. I want to be an innovative entrepreneur. I enjoy staying fit: Competitive swimming, cross training, lifting.

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