Fill in the Blank

Did we pick the brains of our peers?

We did.

Did we ask them about WRLC?

We did.

Did we use social media to do so?

You bet we did!


   On Saturday, November 5th, we the Interns asked everyone we knew on our networks about topics concerning DECA or WRLC. We posted fill-in-the-blank questions on our Social Media sites for our peers to answer. Our mentor Jonathan Block assisted us by sharing an article regarding ways to spark engagement on a Facebook page, fill-in-the-blank questions were one of the ways. (Here’s the link


  Brittany Lucero (a talented intern from AZ DECA) posted: “Let’s see what amazing things DECA has done for it’s members. Fill in the blank. DECA has given me __________.”

   I replied with a simple one word answer that sums up what DECA has given me. DECA has given me everything. What has DECA given you?


   I on the other hand received answers that ranged from the topics of school pride, professional development, fun in the sun, and just downright silly responses.


   The question was: “I have a question for you. If I was at the San Diego DECA conference, I would ________”

  • School Pride:

“Represent my school with pride. Swag.” -Zac Dejovine

“rep goldwater! &hangout on the beach!(:” -Paige Centa

“show everyone how legit the BGHS DECA chapter is!” -Aaron Brussels

  • Professional Development:

“improve my interview skills with practice competition and improve knowledge of marketing and entrepreneurship by being an intern.” -Rafael Barraza

  • Fun in the Sun:

“Go to the beach duhh :) ” -Kylee Roberts

  • Silly Responses:

“pwn everyone” -Emuhly Geremia

“Not know what is going on (idk anything about DECA)”-Emanuel Boderas


  This message is to YOU, the future innovator; what are you going to do in San Diego for WRLC?


This is Vince Velez reminding you to live for today and work for tomorrow.

Meet the Author: Vincent Velez

I’m from Arizona DECA, Barry Goldwater High School. I want to be an innovative entrepreneur. I enjoy staying fit: Competitive swimming, cross training, lifting.

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