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Good morning/afternoon/evening fellow DECA innovators,

Check out the official WRLC 2011 Program at http://wrlc2011.org/program.html

The program touches on anything and everything you all need to know about the conference. It breaks down the dress code, the workshops, the featured events, hotel information, and much more. Also, I love that it introduces the speakers.

The four main speakers are National DECA president Claire Coker, Opening Sessions Speaker Bill Cordes, Mega Message Speaker Kelly Barnes, and Closing Session Speaker Phil Boyte.

Claire Coker is a talented leader who’s mission is to “ignite the DECA spark in members by keeping energized at all times – in and out of the DECA blazer.” Her mission is very inspiring because energy and enthusiasm fuel success in all our lives. You can follow her on twitter @clairecoker.

Bill Cordes is the author of The YOGOWYPI Factor and his programs have been featured in 47 states, to well over 2 million participants. His commitment goes further than just his career, it also carries over to his faith, his marriage, and his parenting. Follow him on twitter @billcordes

It doesn’t matter who Kelly Barnes is working with, whether it’s the United States President, or a High School Student, Kelly Barnes aspires to inspire society so everyone can discover their true potential. You can keep up with him on twitter @kellybarnes

Last but certainly not least, Phil Boyte and his passion for living and impacting others continues to stir people in a way that helps them find meaning in their lives. Follow our closing speaker on twitter @philboyte

I’m personally so excited for WRLC this year that I think about it probably once every ten seconds. I’m hoping everyone out there, from Guam to Washington, to California to Nevada, is ready to have a blast and aspire higher this year. I’m waiting to see all of your smiling faces.

Vince Velez reminding you to live for today and work for tomorrow.

Meet the Author: Vincent Velez

I’m from Arizona DECA, Barry Goldwater High School. I want to be an innovative entrepreneur. I enjoy staying fit: Competitive swimming, cross training, lifting.

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