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Get Ready, Get Excited, Get DECA!

As the 2011 Western Region Leadership Conference quickly approaches, it is important to realize that first impressions mean a lot! It takes maybe three seconds for a person meeting you for the first time to make a decision about you. First impressions are based on the way you present yourself. A firm handshake, the way you introduce yourself to and greet the person, and your physical appearance can all effect the way a person will think of you. With that being said, dressing properly for the occasion is rather important. Check out a video by clicking on the link below to learn some basic information in reference to attire at this year’s conference. If you enjoy this video, please share it on your Facebook walls and Tweet it to all your friends by clicking the buttons above!

How To Not Dress Like A Slob

For A Better Quality Version – YouTube:

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30 Awesome Things About WRLC in 30 Seconds




Hey DECA members,

The final Social Media Intern Challenge was to create a 30-second video on WRLC. Check out my “WRLC Pop-Up Ad” for 30 awesome things about WRLC in 30 seconds!

WRLC Pop-Up Ad



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Matercard WRLC- DECA is Priceless

So as you all may know WRLC is fast approaching. As a social media intern I have been asked to make a video about WRLC. What do you need to wear who are the coolest kids to party with. FIND OUT HERE! DECA Rules <>! Make sure to press The “Tweet” and “Like” Buttons above if you like my video!!!!
WRLC 2011- Mastercard Ad (Youtube)

WRLC 2011- Mastercard Ad (Facebook)


Get Ready to GET DECA!

For those of you out there getting ready for San Diego…heres a little help. Id really appreciate if afterwards, you’d share the video by clicking on the little Twitter and Facebook symbols. Please and thank you! (:

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Look Professional, Look Sharp

Wanna look smart? Wanna look like a pro? Wanna laugh at a kid from AZ(me)? Check this video out. Then like it, tweet it, or share it.

Look Like a Pro(youtube)

Look Like a Pro(facebook)

It might help if you’ve seen any EpicMealTime videos before.


Vince reminding you to live for today and work for tomorrow.

Watch the Videos, then Share them

Hi! It’s Jonathan. I’m the mentor to the fantastic 10 men and women on the WRLC Public Relations team. They’re about to launch a flurry of videos at you. Please watch them all, then click the little “share” buttons to show them with your followers on Facebook and Twitter. The intern with the most clever, witty video wins. And the intern with the video that got shared the most wins.