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Interview With “This Is A Clue”

Here is the final interview from 2011 WRLC Social Media Intern Team. It is with the guys from “This Is A Clue.” On behalf of the entire team, thank you for all the support throughout our internship!

“This Is A Clue” Interview –

How to Get DECA! and make that amazing roleplay

Former national DECA president and national roleplay champion Curtis Haley gave several excellent presentations today, including insightful workshops on how to improve written projects and earn that coveted trophy.

The first workshop I attended was his Get Prepared! DECA’s Role Plays presentation. He gave us several crucial tips for improving role play strategies both in and out of the conference. For starters, remember the four Is: Introduction, Invert, Impress, and In conclusion. When you introduce yourself, have enthusiasm, give a firm handshake (but don’t crush your judge’s hand!), and make your point and structure clear. During your presentation, imagine an inverted triangle; start with broad ideas and proceed to your examples and more specific ideas. Impress your judges by taking control of the role play, showing confidence, and having that wow factor that’ll make you stand out. Finally, remember to include a strong conclusion to end your role play on a strong note.

Mr. Haley also demonstrated the ten secrets to a winning role-play. But the first and foremost most important part to winning a role-play is practice, practice, and more practice. Only by repeating your role-plays to identify your mistakes can you improve and win that first-place trophy.

Follow these steps and you’re well on your way to winning your event at your next conference!

Vince Velez WRLC 2011 Video Journal

     Before I get some much needed rest (currently 2:43 am), I’d like to share my youtube channel with all you wonderful DECA members. I’ve been posting videos to my channel that have to do with WRLC and they range from getting ready, to actual events, and to interviews. There’s even footage of my chapter’s 7 1/2 hour bus ride here. Although after learning what happened to Social Media Intern Ross Snyder’s bus, I can’t really complain. (Check out the story Get Stranded, then GetDECA)


Here’s the link to my youtube channel and I try to publish the videos right after I film them!



Vince Velez reminding you to GetDECA!

30 Awesome Things About WRLC in 30 Seconds




Hey DECA members,

The final Social Media Intern Challenge was to create a 30-second video on WRLC. Check out my “WRLC Pop-Up Ad” for 30 awesome things about WRLC in 30 seconds!

WRLC Pop-Up Ad



Be sure to share “LIKE” this video on Facebook and share it on twitter by hitting the Facebook “LIKE” button and twitter “tweet” button above! Thanks!


The ones who make it possible!

As students attending these incredible conferences, sometimes we get lost in the excitement and forget about the people who make it possible– our sponsors! This year, Western Region DECA is extremely lucky to have 5 amazing companies supporting us, so lets show our appreciation and throw that support right back their way!

My challenge to you DECA members is to show your thanks through Social Media. Go and “like” these companies Facebook pages, follow them on Twitter and post or tweet to them your gratitude for being a vital part of our DECA family!

Our sponsors:


TJ Maxx-


Mens Wearhouse-

POS Systems Group- They don’t have Facebook or Twitter pages yet but they will have an exhibit booth at WRLC so make sure you check them out there.

Among these 5, there will be many other companies with exhibits up at the conference. Make sure to drop by their booths and show them what DECA is all about!

Thanks guys! Be sure to add all of us interns on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and connect with us on LinkedIn. We’ll be posting a lot of exciting stuff leading up to and during the conference that you won’t want to miss. All of our info is in the posts below. See you soon!