The aspiring leaders of Western Region DECA reconvened for a much more casual and relaxed get-together after the Get PSYCHED opening session. Kelly Barnes got us all energized and pumped, which included a sing-off and dancing to his version of YMCA, which, all I can say is, quite the icebreaker :)

We rounded the night off with a game of Leadership Circus, which included a bunch of running (and occasional bump-ins) and completing a series of random tasks. Props to those guys who went around saying “I’m a beautiful lady” – that shows dedication and a willingness to just have fun!

That’s all for tonight – I’ll see you all tomorrow!


Meet the Author: Ling Zeng

Hey! My name is Ling. I’m currently a member of Rancho Bernardo DECA and part of the Social Media Intern Team at WRLC DECA 2011. I’m so excited to get to interact with everyone and expand my network!

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